Technical visit to Agrícola Famosa in the Icapuí city

Technical visit to Agrícola Famosa in the Icapuí city
segunda-feira | 19/06/2017

On November 24, Disav took part in the technical visit to Agrícola Famosa, from the delegation of the Minister of Agriculture Blairo Maggi, when they visited its units of melon and watermelon production and packing houses in the Icapuí city. The delegation was composed of agribusiness entrepreneurs, Agricultural Defense Managers from the states of Rio Grande do Norte and Ceará, of the Ministry of Agriculture – MAPA, of governors of CE, Camilo Santana and from RN, Robson Faria, of Deputies, State Secretaries, Mayor and political leaders of Icapuí.

Agícola Famosa farm is part of Área Livre (free area) of Anastrepha grandis and one of the largest producers and exporters of cucurbits in Brazil. According to the Diretor of Vegetation Sanity of Adagri, Tito Carneiro: “ the maintenance of Área Livre is one of the showcases of phytosanitary programs in the country, launching the Adagri as an example in the conduction of this status

We proudly received from the Secretary of Agriculture Defense Luís Eduardo Pacifi Rangel the congratulations for the work done by the organs and producers of Área Livre.

Source: Adagri

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