Important Announcement: Donation to Instituto Amantino Câmara

Important Announcement: Donation to Instituto Amantino Câmara
sexta-feira | 30/06/2023

It is with great joy that we announce the delivery of the donation corresponding to the amount collected from the registrations of the First Melon Run, as a result of the partnership between Agrícola Famosa and DVA Brasil, to Instituto Amantino Câmara! 🎉🏃‍♀️🏃‍♂️

Thanks to the participation and support of all the runners, volunteers, and sponsors, we were able to raise a significant amount that will be directed to Instituto Amantino Câmara, a charitable institution dedicated to the elderly, currently providing care for 62 seniors. We are proud to contribute to the continuation of this important institution.

Today, we are delivering a symbolic check containing the total value of the race registrations to Instituto Amantino Câmara. This donation represents the spirit of solidarity and unity that permeated the entire event and is the result of the collective effort of each and every one of you.

The organizing team of the First Melon Run would like to express deep gratitude to all the participants who embraced this noble cause. Together, we were able to make a difference in the lives of many individuals served by Instituto Amantino Câmara, promoting actions that aim to improve quality of life and provide opportunities for those in need.

We will continue to work diligently to support other social and community initiatives. We hope to count on your participation in future events and charitable actions.

Congratulations to all involved! Let’s move forward, uniting forces to sow the seeds of a better future!

Agrícola Famosa, better practices, from the field to your table! 🚜🌵🌱⁣💚

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