Agrícola Famosa will generate 2 thousand Jobs in Chapada do Apodi

Agrícola Famosa will generate 2 thousand Jobs in Chapada do Apodi
sexta-feira | 16/06/2017

The city of Apodi, in the western region, will receive 2,000 hectares for fruit production that will generate 2,000 new direct jobs. The initiative is supported by the State Government, which is speeding up the required legal procedures, environmental authorization processes and improvements in accesses for transportation of employees, inputs and outflow of production.

Governor Robinson Faria explained on Friday, when he received in audience the president of Agrícola Famosa, Luiz Roberto Barcelos, that the administration has firm intention of supporting the enterprises that generate jobs, production and income.

Agrícola Famosa already produces melon, watermelon, mango, papaya and asparagus in the cities of Baraúnas, Tibau in Mossoró. In Apodi, in an area of 3,500 hectares, the company will irrigate two thousand hectares in order to produce melon and watermelon for exportation. England, Spain and the Netherlands are the biggest customers of Famosa’s fruit.

With the beginning of the production at Apodi, two thousand new direct jobs will be created and the average wages of R$1,000.
Present at the meeting of the Governor with the president of Agrícola Famosa, the mayor of Apodi, Flaviano Monteiro, pointed to the importance of installing the company in the city, since it will generate jobs and, moreover, it will move the entire local economy.

Source: ApoDiário

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