Agrícola Famosa Stands Out in Malaysia’s Government Phytosanitary Mission in Brazil

Agrícola Famosa Stands Out in Malaysia’s Government Phytosanitary Mission in Brazil
segunda-feira | 26/02/2024

Last week, Agrícola Famosa had the honor of actively participating in Malaysia’s Government Phytosanitary Mission in Brazil. This pivotal event provided our company with a unique opportunity to showcase the commitment and excellence that permeate every stage of the cultivation and commercialization process of our renowned melons and watermelons.

During the visit, we emphasized the rigorous standards of quality and food safety applied in all production phases, from seed selection to harvesting and transportation. Additionally, we highlighted our sustainable approach, which respects both the environment and the local communities where we operate.

We are confident that, if all requirements are met, the Brazilian melon market will be excellently positioned to begin exports to Malaysia. This opportunity represents not only a significant milestone for Agrícola Famosa but also for the entire Brazilian agricultural sector.

We will continue to work closely with authorities and commercial partners, aiming to further strengthen ties between Brazil and Malaysia in fruit trade. We sincerely thank the Malaysian Government for this initiative and reaffirm our unwavering commitment to quality, sustainability, and innovation in all our operations.

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Agrícola Famosa, better practices, from sowing to your table! 🚜🌵🌱⁣💚



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